Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Well, what do you all think of my beautified blog?  I would love to take the credit, BUT, I can only say, once again, a huge THANK YOU to Nicky aka Minky for her help. This is all her handiwork!! I LOVE it!!!!

Now I know that my original post spoke about art that I will post, but as many of you know my family is my number ONE! So I will often post about them too.

Only Tuesday and this has already been an eventful week - my son has bought a motorbike!!! Before he was allowed to have it though and actually ride it, he had to take a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) course and test. Well today was the day and ............................. he passed!!! Congrats son!!! I'm very proud of you and pleased for you!!! (Please be careful!!)

I can't believe that tomorrow is yet another first day at school. I have had NINETEEN first days back at school over the years!!! How on earth did that happen??  Well my eldest daughter is 23, my son is 18, my second daughter is 13, my "baby" is 12 AND I have a beautiful Granddaughter who is 4.  So I guess that explains so many first days!!

Of course over the years our back to school preparations have changed and evolved - I know, I know, so why am I still up at gone midnight on the night before school - well I said changed and evolved - I didn't say my organisation was any better!!

So yes, this evening I have been hemming trousers and putting names in new blouses, and this is where (I think anyway) I've been a bit clever!!  My youngest two daughters both go to the same high school, hence uniforms are identical but in different sizes. Sooooo when putting their names in their shirts, I have started doing this:

The lower blouse belongs to my 13 year old and the top one belongs to my youngest daughter - can you see the difference???  Just a simple DOT before the name!! Clever huh?? Lol!!  This way when Abbey grows out of her clothes and my original "hand-me-down" kid Paige inherits them I don't have to cut name labels out and start again!! It also makes sorting and putting away easier on wash days. For some reason Paige thinks that this really is the smartest thing I have ever done!! Isn't it funny what pleases kids and what will stick in their memory forever??

Now on to sweet little Hope - my Granddaughter. How on earth is she four already??? I would honestly say that her mum only brought her home a few months ago!!! But nope - she is a  big ole FOUR and off to her very first day at "BIG SCHOOL" tomorrow.

Here in the Isle of Man kids have to have a Pump Bag to take with them. This usually contains their PE T-shirt, shorts and a pair of plimsolls to wear for PE lessons. These bags usually stay on each child's coat peg for half a term, when it will come home to be washed, and the bags are often all the same, black or navy blue canvas purchased from the school. Now every year when my kids were at Primary School I made them a new pump bag, usually out of some fabric relating to something they particularly liked at the time - in the past we have had rainbows, vintage cars and Bratz dolls to name a few, mainly so that when they were little they could tell which bag was their easily and we always got our own clothes back! Well Hope certainly couldn't go off to school without her very own, unique pump bag lovingly made by Ga-Ga (pronounced as per baby speak - not as in Lady Ga-ga!! Just for clarification!! Lol):

Sorry for shaky camera work!!

So I will meet her and her Moma tomorrow just before school time to walk with her to school and give her a brand new Princess bag to take with her!

Exciting times!!! Good luck to all the kids going back to school tomorrow - have a GREAT day!! And Mum's - relax!!!!!!

I'm sure I will post a pic tomorrow of Hope first day, dressed in her little uniform!

Thanks for reading this far!!

Until next time .......

Fi xxxx

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