Saturday, 8 September 2012


Hello again!!

We have been invited to an evening wedding reception for a friend from work. She and her partner have been together for a very long time so what to bring as a gift?????  Well the lady whose wedding it is has been very supportive of my work that I have shown her in the past and she is quite artistic herself - so a canvas seemed appropriate. But what do put on it??  I love She Art inspired by Christy Tomlinson check her out on You Tube if you haven't heard of her.

So I started creating at around midnight last night!!  (Yep - I'm a night owl!!) finally went sleep at around 4 and finished it off this morning.  I'm really pleased with the result - especially since it is my first one - please let me know what you think!!

Once again - thanks for reading!!

Until next time

Fi xxxx


  1. This is a perfect gift for the newly wedded couple, love your "She Art" canvas Fi. xxx

  2. OK OK,,2 post in one day,,trying to make us (me) blog slackers look bad,,lol
    Love it you did a great job sweet xx i KNOW they will love it and look bk on it year xx

  3. It turned out amazing !!!! LOVE IT!!!! hope you manage to part with it, lol!! It is fantastic Fiona, you did a lovely job with it, just so perfect for them.xxxxxxx (Oh and congrats on the dual posts WITH photos!!! - go Mrs Blogger)